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It seems that there is a new claim making its way around the net, and that is, “PornBytes is a legitimate porn download site.” What is this? Is it worth giving a shot? If you are one of the millions who use the internet regularly and are a fan of porn movies, you will be able to appreciate this review. In addition, it may give you a nice kick start to look for a legitimate place to download free porn.


The website is operated by Lexy Sanchez, a former Playboy cover girl. She has built up a large, and very dedicated, membership. Now, she is working hard to convert potential visitors into paying members. In the process, she has taken away all the hassles normally associated with finding a legitimate site. So what does she have to offer?


First, she offers full access to her database. You can download any number of movies, ranging from “special offers” to porn epics. All of the sites are 100% legal, as she sells the same legal materials that you would find on any other website. The only catch is that she requires you to pay a one time joining fee or to upgrade your membership after having made several videos. This is for up front costs only, not for any potential loss of content.


PornBits is different from the rest of the sites in the same manner that Adult Friend Finder is different from Craigslist. Her system works a lot like this one: she offers free access to a small database of movies (about five or so) for a limited period of time. If you want, you can keep accessing all the movies for free forever. You can also make a few dollars off of each free movie.


When you join, you are given a username and password. It’s recommended that you choose a username that you would use with an online dating site. That way, you won’t have to remember a different one each time you log in. A short description will also be provided, but it isn’t necessary to read it. Just do a quick search for “pornbits” on any search engine and you’ll get some hits.


After you’ve made a selection, you are then given access to the system. The best part is that there aren’t any fees involved. PornBits is free to use, and they make a living off of providing this service to people. If they didn’t make money off of it, they wouldn’t be free. They don’t have ads, banners, or any other junk to keep you from using their wonderful site.


When you’re done using PornBits, you can just leave the site and come back later. Most of the sites will let you do this without charging you. You may want to explore a few of the sites before deciding, but most likely, all of the sites mentioned will be totally free to browse. Some of them may require a small membership fee, but that’s generally minimal compared to what you’d spend paying for pornography in a conventional way. So really, it’s your decision.


So what should you expect when using PornBits? For starters, you’ll get an unlimited number of websites. Some of the more popular ones include: interracial, adult movies, women, plus sized, horny, and more. You also get a daily report on what sites you’ve visited, how much you spent, and so forth. The best part is, you get detailed statistics on every single day.


As for safety concerns, all you need to do is create an account with PornBits. This process is quite simple and fast. It doesn’t take very long to get the process started, either. Once you have everything set up, you’ll have your IP address and payment information protected. You won’t even have to give that information away, because your information will be encrypted with a top-level secret code.


What about privacy? While you’re doing your daily search, your location will never be revealed. That means that anyone you wish to look up won’t have access to it.


Finally, and probably most importantly, you can save a ton of money by using PornBits instead of traditional pay per view sites. When you consider that you can look up porn for free, that equates to a huge amount of money. You can save hundreds of dollars a year, depending on how many movies you watch. In addition, since the service itself is free, you’ll never feel guilty about clocking in at the office and watching something in your office, or even at home.

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