AV Sub Thai

What is AV Sub Thai? It’s actually a term for adult video clips in Thailand, where they are called av smut or a Thai. These are often full of all sorts of erotic scenes and themes, which can be very erotic and sensual. They are often shot by amateur movie makers who do not necessarily target a larger market but, rather, they may just want to make some fun videos to share with friends. The end result is often very impressive and even though they are only viewable within Thailand, many foreigners are visiting Thailand to watch these types of videos on sites like YouTube.


The first time I came across one of these videos, I was fascinated. It was a scene from a very recent Thai movie and the man who were performing had his foot up the man’s butt. I was curious about this because it seemed so different and exotic. But, after some research, I discovered that there were actually quite a few of these types of videos being uploaded to YouTube at the moment. So, I decided to take a look and see if I could find anything else interesting.


I watched a number of videos and found one that was especially impressive. It was shot in the streets of Bangkok and the scenes were incredibly vivid. The video started with the man making love to the woman who was lying on the bed and then had the woman get penetrated by another man, much to the audience’s enjoyment. As it went on, you could clearly see that the man having sex on top of the woman was actually shooting her.


What I found out about the man shooting over the woman was fascinating. First of all, he did not shoot the video while she was on top of him. Instead, he positioned himself to the side and took several shots from all sides as she got penetrated from behind. There were also some shots where he was thrusting from behind. In one video, he even thrust backwards! It was incredibly impressive!


It turned out that the man was not in love with the girl but rather, was in lust mode. This is something I have seen before, but I have never seen a guy thrust backward like that, and it was incredibly impressive. The girl, to my dismay, didn’t seem to mind at all, which added to the movie’s hotness factor.


I also learned that the porn star was not in love with the man either. Instead, the man was just using the girl for sexual pleasure, which he did not really want. This is not uncommon in Thai movies. A man will shoot a woman in a movie, then only briefly enjoy her, and then go back to the woman because he has a bigger need for her.


What does this mean for Western women watching porn? It means that porn stars are not always having sexual intercourse in their films. Sometimes they will shoot with a man’s penis so that he ejaculates quickly. The reason is that women prefer fast ejaculation and men can fill a woman’s vagina with semen that is more potent than her own.


In addition, you do not have to force your man to shoot while you are having sex. Sometimes the woman wants it slow and the man knows it. Or she may be afraid of hurting during sex and wants you to give it to her in a specific way. Whatever the case, women will appreciate when you use your skill to please her. After all, that is what a porn star does!

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